Why Hourly?

Why hourly? Isn’t that so transactional? It’s a question we have received often and our answer is: No, it’s not. Not for us.

First of all…let’s be clear – any relationship can be transactional regardless of compensation.

But more importantly, at Sanctuary we are working with clients on:

  • Getting to know their money mindset.
  • Understanding the behaviors and biases that drive their financial decisions.
  • Creating a framework for navigating each and every financial decision.
  • Guiding them through critical life transitions.
  • Connecting their portfolio to their purpose.
  • Developing confidence in their financial health and well-being.

Does that sound transactional to you?

Money is the number one source of stress in this country. In fact, I bet every single person reading this post has some stress around money. We all do. At Sanctuary we collaborate with clients on the planning process to build a solid financial foundation that has staying power – and that takes time. Just because we charge for our time instead of taking custody of assets as the basis for a relationship, it does not mean we are here to offer a quick fix or a one-and-done. Just the opposite.

We are excited to champion the hourly model as we believe it’s the most transparent, fair and straightforward way to deliver financial advice. And it’s why we are able to celebrate our ability to offer financial advice that goes beyond your assets.

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