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The first step is to schedule a 15-minute inquiry call.

This complimentary call will give you a chance to determine if the services we provide are a fit for your needs.

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What to expect when you work with Sanctuary:

Download our planning process infographic.
  1. Inquiry Call (15 – 30 minutes, no charge):
    This introductory call is a chance to determine if the services we provide are a fit for your needs.
  2. Discovery Call (1 hour, no charge):
    During this call we learn more about your goals, and gather the information needed to provide an estimate for the planning engagement.
  3. Planning Engagement Proposal:
    After the Discovery Call, we will send you a planning engagement proposal outlining the scope of work. The estimated cost is based on the complexity of your situation and our hourly rate.
  4. Sign Client Service Agreement:
    If the proposal looks good, we will send you our client service agreement which outlines the scope of service, payment terms and how we will work together.
  5. Construct a Financial Plan:
    Most initial planning engagements will take between 8 and 20 hours and will include 2 – 3 meetings*. Our planning process is collaborative – we provide the necessary support, but you maintain ownership of your plan.
  6. Implementation:
    You’ll implement the plan we customized for you and we’ll be here to assist along the way at our usual hourly rate. SFP does not custody assets or have discretionary authority. 
  7. Updates:
    A successful plan is dynamic because life is not static. Life events (expected and unexpected) mean your plan is always changing, so we’re here to review and update your plan when necessary. But instead of paying an ongoing fee, you only pay when you need us! 

*Sanctuary is a virtual practice, able to serve clients in all 50 states. For local clients, in-person meetings are available – travel time is billed at our usual hourly rate.   

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