Financial Headaches

Everyone has financial headaches. Do any of these feel familiar to you?

1. You are confident in managing your investments. You understand asset allocation and rebalancing. Maybe you’re even well versed in Modern Portfolio Theory or know what the Value Premium is. But you’re missing a framework that connects all the dots of your broader financial life.

2. You are overwhelmed by the number of financial decisions you have to make including navigating between what you need today and what you’re working towards in the future.

3. You feel overlooked by the financial services industry because you don’t have “enough assets” for an advisor to manage but you still wonder: “Am I on track?”

4. You’ve worked with an Assets Under Management (AUM) advisor in the past, but you’re questioning the value of ongoing fees you’ve paid.

If you said yes, you are exactly why we founded Sanctuary Financial Planning. Our clients are worth more than their balance sheets, and with hourly planning, there are no asset minimums or recurring quarterly fees.

We work with you to build a foundational financial plan which serves as the framework for all your financial decisions, and which connects your portfolio to your purpose.

We charge for the planning you need, when you need it, and nothing else.

At Sanctuary, we deliver financial advice that goes beyond your assets.

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